Your Trusted Advisor: Leah Zveglich

I am your trusted advisor and executive coach on family succession and family business succession. Along with a team of select advisors, I founded Aster Family Advisors, a boutique family office for privileged families. 

Why Leah as your family advisor?

  1. Entrepreneur: Best CEO for family offices
  2. Coach: Best advisor for families
  3. Value-based solutions: Best option for future generations

I recognize and understand the complicated needs, challenges and dreams of affluent families. This comes from both personal and professional experience. Prosperous families need a new approach to succession planning that goes beyond estate planning and financial and investment management. Family conflict prevention and family harmony sustainability are my goals. 

A family office is a business organization whose stakeholders are family members. It operates best when you apply the same principles of growing a small business. I’ve been an entrepreneur since my senior year in college. I enjoy working in this dynamic environment where innovation and execution are highly valued and everyone in the team is accountable for their decisions and actions. I understand founder’s dilemma and recognize symptoms of founder’s syndrome. I’ve been in their shoes and walked miles.

These are some of the things I do for families to build the family legacy while maximizing family capital and growing their wealth across generations:

  • Plan and execute family succession plan
  • Develop family members to maximize their potential
  • Assess and develop executives in family business to ensure continuity and sustainable success
  • Prepare family business to transit from founder management to professional management or sales
  • Provide sustainable growth strategy, support strategy execution, manage transformation, and identify and develop leaders. My strength is a strategic perspective, an integrated systems approach and global exposure. My clients appreciate my direct and pragmatic approach that is often unconventional but successful.

I apply the 5-step Enas coaching methodology with families to understand their current and desired status and find ways to bridge the gap with the least resources, shortest time, minimum efforts and maximum benefit. I developed a training program that is approved by the International Coach Federation which allows me to train and coach other coaches. 

For the last 15 years, I’ve worked with 5 families with family businesses around the world. My broad exposure to different types of organizations, diverse industries and multiple geographical locations prepared me well for the roles I play for families. 


Note: Each family has an independent family office team dedicated to them providing exclusive and personal services. Thus, we don’t share our advisor information here.