There is no app for that

Mothers are an integral part of who we are. Many of us grew up with mothers supporting our pursuits. They chauffeur us from one activity to the next. They listen to our frustrations and triumphs. In short, they’re always there for us.

It’s not surprising that there are moments in people’s adult life when they wish their mothers are with them. Why does this happen?

The bond between a mother and her baby starts developing inside the womb. This emotional bond, also called the Maternal Bond is reinforced with the moments shared together after the child is born.

When people miss their mother, they crave the comfort foods moms used to make for them. Some wish they can have long talks and laugh together by the patio while sipping warm tea like they used to.

With technology taking over people’s lives, many are coping with the feeling of missing their moms by using different apps.

The hot chicken soup mothers cook can be ordered from a food delivery app. People can have fresh daisies every day from an online flower retailer just like their mom’s fresh-cut garden flowers. The beautiful quilt that mom made and we love snuggling, global artisans can remake from a digital marketplace.

But you know what memories and feelings we cannot recreate or get from an app?

Our moms’ hugs. Their pat on our shoulders for a job well done. Their beaming smiles when they see us happy. The gentle stroke of their hand on ours and the sound of their voice comforting us. All the subtle actions that strengthen the bond with our mothers. There’s no app for all of that.