A Trusted Advisor on Family Succession

We specialize in succession and strategy. We support family-owned businesses in building sustainable companies with a highly competitive workforce and a strong base of leadership for the future. We work closely with key family and company executives to understand their succession and talent management challenges.


Our job is to provide our clients protection of privacy. We keep our client information confidential. In 17 years, we have worked closely with 5 families and their businesses around the world as long term clients and have worked with a dozen family owned businesses for various projects.

Dedicated Advisor

Leah Zveglich, our single point dedicated advisor works with her committed team of advisors who are individually selected to be responsive to the issues. She has worked in this field for the past 15 years, around the world, including developing countries where business and family issues are highly challenging.

Leah’s Profile

Family Legacy Building

Family Wealth Building