Leah Zveglich, MBA

A trusted advisor and executive coach on succession, successor development, and leadership transition. Leah Zveglich founded the Aster Club, a community of business families to connect, collaborate and build a sustainable family heritage. It is the only private global club focusing on learning and prevention building the human and intellectual capital.

She specializes in building a family legacy, maximizing family capital and growing family wealth across generations by:

  • Organizing and executing a family succession plan and talent management plan
  • Coaching family members to maximize their potential, enhancing their executive brain functions, executive presence, and personal mastery
  • Assessing and developing executives in a family business to ensure continuity and sustainable success
  • Preparing family business leadership transition from founder management to professional management, a combination of professional and family management
  • Crafting a sustainable growth strategy, supporting strategy execution, managing transformation, and identifying and developing leaders.
  • Developing entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial mindset within and outside the family business

She is intuitive and skillful in solving difficult problems and situations, being the mirror of reality. She approaches the future with hope and positivity, bringing harmony. Her creative energy, stability, balance, and skills to complete any endeavor makes her a valuable asset for long-term projects. She ensures that change and progress happen with a stable pace that brings continuous growth with high success.

Leah’s strengths stem from her entrepreneurial experience, her organizational behavior and positive psychology study at Harvard University, and her global exposure. She is a serial entrepreneur who started her first company when she was 20 years old. The White House, the Young Entrepreneurs Association, and other organizations have recognized Leah for her outstanding achievements in business. She understands every founder’s dilemma and recognizes the symptoms of their syndrome. She has been in their shoes and walked miles. She deeply understands cultural differences having lived in 10 countries and worked in over 20 countries dealing with people and organizational issues.

Leah is a global citizen, born in Korea, currently living in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. She loves reading, painting, cooking, scuba diving, skiing and discovering the world.


Note: Each family has an independent family office team dedicated to them providing exclusive and personal services. Thus, we don’t share our advisor information here.